Advice 1: How to write Vkontakte bold

In social networks every day there are a growing number of communities, groups and public pages. The only way to survive in this brutal struggle for the attention of users – arrange menu group a convenient and aesthetic way. So that even an inexperienced user can intuitively figure out how to find exactly what they need. For menu design in groups there is a special wiki markup, one function of which is to make the font bold (or, more correctly, in bold).
How to write Vkontakte bold
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • account Vkontakte;
  • - administrator privileges in the group, community, or public Facebook page.
Open the front page Vkontakte and log in using your username and password.
Go to "My groups". Switch to the tab "Manage". It is located at the top of the page and displays the list of all communities in which you have administrative functions.
In the list find the community you would like to change. If you are the administrator of a large number of groups, use the search string.
Go to the community page and look under the avatar link "community Management". Click on it will open the menu administration and edit the page.
Tab control menu "Info" and make sure that the item "Materials" had the status "Connected". Save the changes and return to the community by clicking on the appropriate links in the upper left corner of the page.
Under the description and location of the group has a link "latest news". Move the cursor to the next will appear the "Edit" button, click it.
Copy the text that you would like to place on the community page, in the opened window.
Indicate the word or phrase you wish to bold, inserting tags < b > at the beginning and < /b > at the end. For example, if you write "< b > Fresh < /b > news", bold will stand out only the word "Fresh", and writing "< b > Fresh news < /b >" you highlight the whole phrase.
Instead of tags < b > and < /b > the same way you can use a triple apostrophe ""'".
In the lower left corner of the page, find the link "Preview". Make sure you have everything turned out exactly as you planned, and save the page by clicking on the eponymous button.
In order for the earned tags, enter them with no spaces between characters.
Useful advice
Unfortunately, to diversify the text in a variety of font formats is possible only in communities, groups and public pages. Highlight in bold the status, send private message or leave a comment to photos in this way will not work.

Advice 2: How to write in Gothic script

Writing in one of the custom fonts will add appeal to him. And in some cases its use can serve as a method of text styling, as exemplified by Gothic font.
How to write in Gothic script
First need to find and install the appropriate Gothic font to work with it. Search on the Internet on websites (for example,, etc.) or by using search services (Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc.). Finding the right Gothic font, download it to PC hard disk. If it is in the archive (rar, zip, etc), remove it. After that, you will need to install the font in the system.
There are two ways by which you can install the required font. Double click on the downloaded font file. A window will open which will show the name and a sample text of different sizes. Click located in the upper part of the window, the "Install" button. Wait until the end of the process. At the end of the font will be installed.
The second installation option is as follows. Open the Explorer folder of Windows operating system located on the system local disk. Locate and open the Fonts directory. Copy the file you have downloaded Gothic font. To do this, simply drag it with the mouse to this folder, or click the right button on mouse, select "Copy", then click the right mouse button in the Fonts folder and select "Paste". Wait for the file copy.
Open the program in which you want to create the inscription in Gothic font. This can be a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or graphics – Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop etc.
Under "Font" select the installed font. Now start writing the text – it will be executed Gothic font. Also you can first just write the text, then select it and under "Font" to select. The entered text will be presented in the Gothic style.

Advice 3: How to write username and password

Correctly spelled username and password to log on to web resources needs to be a guarantee of reliability of user accounts. They are written in Latin.
The username must not be frivolous, and the password is simple. The complexity of the password depends on the security and confidentiality of information.
How to write username and password
"Logging in..." is the translated foreign word login, which is necessary for registration and log in a little bit of serious web resources such as social networks, online banks, forums, exchanges and others. To gain access to the site or creating personal accounts requires a username and password. On some sites the username is prompted to enter e-mail address or personal phone number.

How to think and write login

The username can be any set of numbers or letters typed in the English keyboard layout. Symbols can be used.

You can think of every time a new login for different sites, but it is better initially to approach creating a login in a responsible manner.

A login can become an online brand, as it became such a brand login Goodvin. Few people know the name well-known developer of website templates on WordPress, but is widely known templates by Alex Goodwin. Once, as a young boy, Alex invented this username to log on to the services of computer games.

Surely there is a special word derived from the surname, or dear to the heart of the space that you can type in transliteration and to use as a login to create email registration, Skype or social networks.

It often happens that a short and sonorous usernames are already taken and then they add numbers. So not much to worry about add the digits of year of birth.

In large enterprise systems it is accepted as a decent use of the login name, the underscore, and the name. This long username is and to create e-mail and to log into the corporate system. It is solid and convenient.

And yet more practical than a short username, which will be written in English letters without any mistakes and misunderstandings. Often in the conversation to inform the other person your name on Skype, which is also the username. Contact will be easier to recruit a small number of characters, not making mistakes in writing is to communicate.

When writing login it is important to know that the alternation of large and small English letters is pointless, because absolutely login not case sensitive.

How to write a strong password

When creating a password one should never use pet's names, dates of birth and names of family members. Pick a password for hackers quite easy. You only need to collect personal information in social networks.

It is an error and a short password. It needs to be reliable to programs-burglars could not open up, fingering combination.

Password of 8-10 characters password is considered medium reliability. Better if it contains 12-14 characters. Write it in Latin, alternating uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and signs.

There is no logic in creating a password stick is not necessary. It must be absolutely chaotic set.
Convenient to use online services for generating passwords.

Such a password is impossible to remember, so to store data for access is best in a notebook. Or download the file with passwords in virtual repository such as Dropbox. The password from him would have to remember or write down on paper.

These precautions will save money in the Bank, information in social networks and e-mail on e-mail.

A pair of username-password is not razryvy. They ensure that the doors that are open to private resources, with the account will not become prey for scammers.

No need to invest time and imagination to create a login. Perhaps he will be the brand for serious work on the Internet. Login type kisulya85 not just make chill of unease. As customers begin to doubt the solidity of the proposal, when you see the name email or Skype name frivolous login business partner or vendor.
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