Themes VKontakte

In addition to the standard page design Vkontakte, also there are two available themes ("pre-revolutionary" and "Souse"), which does not require downloading any programs or add-ons.
The theme of the page Vkontakte is a graphical interface. When changing the theme changes the display of the page in the browser without changing the software.
They allow you to change not only the appearance of the site, but also some names of menu items that allow you to feel a pleasant nostalgia. With the latest updates to change the subject does not always work, but the labels will definitely be unusual.

To use one of those you need to go into "My Settings". There in the tab "General" find the item "Language", scroll through the list to select the name of the design. To return to the standard view of Vkontakte just change the language setting back to Russian.

Program Get Styles

If these themes do not satisfy your desire to stand out, then there is a special program of Get Styles. It works with browsers Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.
Browser – software used for processing and output of the web page.
You need to download and install it, and then choose from a list that is divided into different classes, suitable theme for every taste and color. The directory site has over 10,000 topics.

Download the program from the official website. Program size Get Styles - 402 KB.

Go to the website. In the right column, under the heading "Information", click the "Download" button. Choose a location to save the file, and confirm your decision. Open the file on your hard disk. Read the user agreement and click "accept". Then configure the program in a compatible browser by ticking the appropriate box. Click "Next" and wait for the installation program.

After the installation is complete a window will open with recommendations for future actions: to open one of the four supported browsers, go to the website Get Styles, choose in the theme directory and clicking on the "Accept" button, install it to your page Vkontakte.

After the program is installed under your browser's address bar, you will see another line that you can control the theme of the VC.

Browser Orbitium

For even more variety, there is a Orbitium browser designed specifically for social networking. By downloading it, you won't need any additional software. Just go into your account on the website, find in the upper right corner the button "Change theme" and choose.

The main advantage of the latter two methods is that turning on a page other people can look at and their design. If they do not use such supplements, it will be replaced by yours. Unfortunately, ordinary users will not be able to see your threads. But it kompensiruet the fact that all these programs are free.