You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • check Vkontakte.
Various websites are filled with advertisements about the latest programs Vkontakte: collections of statuses, the ability to track attendance by visitors to your page, pictures, hearts, promotion groups. There are also programs to download music and video from the pages of other users. The Internet to find the most suitable for you, download and start installing it.
Download the software on the computer, no problems. The algorithm of actions of the user during the installation nological work with other programs. First close all active apps, stop the browser. Then run the installation file.
At the beginning of the operation window will open the setup wizard program that will guide you all the way download. Be careful. Follow all his recommendations. To continue, select "Next" or "Continue". Depending on the program, the button might be different.
You may also need to specify the folder in which you want to install the program. By default, it will load the Program Files of drive C. the location of the program you can change. And again select "Next". In subsequent steps, also agree with the master, pressing the button "Yes, allow". When the program finally loads, open your web browser, the account and start working.
When you install free programs FvCheat used to cheat in the network, you must first run the installation file. Then go through the authorisation process by entering the username and password from your profile. After logging in the program, select the operation you need: increase followers, friends, group participants, views, cheating hearts. Press start. Then the program will start its work.