You will need
  • - suede cloth;
  • paste the GOYIM;
  • a tool for removing scratches from CD/DVD discs;
  • - cotton pads, cotton buds and wet wipes.
Screen replacement mobile phone with a specialist costs money, and considerable – if you change the touchscreen, the service repair can make about 50% of the cost of a new phone. Immediately it should be noted that it is the most reliable method of repair. If you don't want to pay for the replacement of the display of your phone in the service center, do some home repairs.
Polishing display – it simple, but quite dangerous for the phone itself. The essence of polishing is to wipe the top layer of the display. If you accidentally anti-glare or touchscreen, to contact the service center will need.
Before polishing dismantle the phone and remove the screen in the process of Stripping the top layer do not clog with mud the entire phone. Remove from the phone screen various pollution. This should be done with a damp cloth or detergent for cleaning the surface of mobile phones.
Polish display in several ways:
- with the help of suede – the procedure is long and from all the scratching does not relieve;

- a paste GOI – there are a large number of its applications (with buffing machine, cloth, machine oil, etc.). The long-awaited result will make you happy and free from scratches will not be over;

- with the tool that removes scratches on CD/DVDs – the most efficient way for polishing: quickly and easily removes scratches, but after a month or two, the procedure must be repeated, because the old scratches still show up.
After polishing, gently remove the remnants of the polishing tool cotton swabs and sticks. Buy the case – this saves the mobile phone from possible mechanical damage. Safely protect your mobile phone from scratches on the display protective film. She is on the phone from the date of purchase or after polishing.