You will need
  • A set of powders that contain abrasive particles. There should be coarse-grained and fine-grained powder.
  • Coarse-grained corundum sandpaper, which can replace the powders.
  • Lubricant.
  • Sander.
Before polishing glass, you need to implement it a thorough sanding. First, the surface is treated with the coarse abrasive powder, then use fine-grained. Grinding is necessary in order to hide scratches. Next, the desired amount of lubricant, which should be thick enough to mix with the abrasive powder and to carry out polishing.
You can also use a diamond polishing paste, but then scratch you first need to cover with a thin layer of kerosene, and then apply the paste. You then take the drill, wrap the drill bit with a piece of felt and start polishing. This process takes a lot of time, but the scratch disappears.
The third option of polishing glass is the easiest. It is that hide the scratches with wax polishes for furniture. Scratches just filled with this substance and cease to be visible.

If the glass has many scratches and area damage is big enough, it is better for polishing use an electric sander.
Even with the use of grinding machines polishing glass takes a lot of time. Grinding is divided into 2 or 3 stages. Every time a new stage, it is necessary to change the polishing paste, stopping the choice on pasta with less graininess than the one that was used before. On the one hand, a sander will make it much easier, on the other hand, she needs to be able to work. If you press the polishing circle against the glass too hard, it may crack, and if, on the contrary, to make enough effort, then a polishing round will damage the glass surface.