There are methods that will help you get rid of the scratch 100%, but there are some nuances:

  • if the scratches very deep, completely eliminate them fail.

  • detail of a mirror or a screen on which you want to remove scratches you need to remove the whole structure of subject matter, be it a phone or a simple room mirror, because the work is extremely uncomfortable and you may not be able to remove the scratch completely.

First you need to get an electric shaver with a linear drive, it is from various companies, such as Brown or Panasonic. You will also need a soft cloth, preferably lint-free, which are used for wiping computer monitors. When you have cooked these items, get down to business:

  • first, you need to remove with a razor grid;

  • second, cut a circle out of a napkin, hoping that he would have to turn twice the size it needs to approach the razor's edge.

  • now we need to take a napkin and put on the blade, then lock it at the edges with silk thread.

  • turn on the shaver and slowly Polish the screen or the mirror. Be careful, if you're not attached to the cloth, the surface can be scratched, what would you really not want to. After a few minutes of polishing, it will be like new, and from scratch will not be over.

Knowing what the GOI paste, you can remove scratches quickly and effortlessly. To do this, buy small stone paste Goy and grate it on a flat piece of wool cloth (best for helmet). Then RUB the scratched space. If you want your item was like new, RUB for 20 minutes, the result will surprise you.

You can still remove scratches using polishing disks. All you will need is:

  • buy a tube of the polishing disks;

  • apply on the damaged surface of the screen or mirror;

  • take a cotton swab or a small piece of cotton cloth and a good RUB it for a few minutes.

  • when you need to remove the remaining Polish with another cloth and your screen will be as good as new.

Using these methods you will never be able to forget about the scratches.