If you need to clean the screen quickly and effortlessly, use wet wipes for cleaning monitors. Typically, these wipes are intended for OLED, LED, LCD, AMOLED matrix and TFT, and matrix mobile. The result of wiping the screen will depend on the composition of the liquid, which is impregnated wipes. The liquid must not have an alcohol base, and the best option is water because wipes the water does not leave streaks. The material wipes laptop needs to be lint-free.
Screens, covered with gloss, need to wipe gently, trying to capture a large area of display at a time. Too wet and saturated liquid wipes leave traces and stains on the glossy screens.
The most effective and practical way to clean laptop screen from dust and stains is cleaning complex. It is a set of dry wipes and a bottle of cleaning spray that is in the package with the wipes. This complex cleans better, but the cost is usually slightly higher. To use set, you need to slightly moisten the cloth with spray and wipe the laptop screen in a circular motion, then wipe the screen with a dry cloth.
If there are no special tools, you can clean the laptop screen of a conventional soft piece of slightly damp cloth. The fabric should not be too wet, and the display must be positioned parallel to the floor to prevent water from flowing into the corners of the matrix and the inside of the case. Otherwise, even after drying, the screen on the edges stains can appear as colored spots. Therefore it is necessary to wipe the screen carefully.
Matte screens laptops old models can be wiped over with a damp cloth, lathered with soap or soap foam. It also helps to Polish the screen and remove minor scratches.