You will need
  • paste for polishing.
Buy polishing paste for automotive glass. It can be abrasive (paste fine grit) on the basis of chromium oxide, iron or cerium. Paste is based on cerium, which is a water suspension of brown color, is considered the most effective.
Prepare the glass to be polished: carefully wash and dry it. To get the perfect clean. Protect with plastic or fabric to the back of the machine against ingress of polishing paste.
Apply the paste on the places where the glass scratched. Do it manually or with polishing machine. Make sure that the paste is filled in all the gouges and scratches. Micro-scratches, which are glass, you can buff out by hand. If it is necessary to tidy a big area, use electric polishing machine. Spend polishing using a special polishing heads. If you are not using a special tool, hand polished, take a piece of fabric or felt. Be careful – the glass should be transparent and smooth again.
Wait for curing of the pastes. Wash the glass in the usual way.