Take the paste GOI and felt. Apply the paste on the glass and active movements begin to RUB with felt. Scrub to Shine.
Take the fine sandpaper. Soak it in water and spray the glass from the bottle. RUB the glass with a cloth, but be careful that the process was "wet", add water as necessary in the polishing process. After treatment skin wipe the glass with a clean cloth and RUB it wait Gentiles and felt. This kind of treatment is suitable for the polishing of old glass.
You can try to Polish glass with autoparallel (colorless), but try applying it first on a small area, unless unforeseen results, apply Polish to the entire surface of the glass and RUB it with felt. After this, RUB the glass oil machine, sunflower, olive).
If you want to get a good result, you can contact the service center. They usually spend polishing plexiglass. The result can exceed all your expectations.