You will need
  • - Screwdrivers;
  • - wet wipes or a cotton pad moistened with alcohol;
  • - new speaker that will be mounted instead of broken.
Buy new earpiece (original or non-original) suitable for your model cell phone. Pay attention to the compliance of all the sound characteristics (volume, frequency, etc.), as speakers for cell phones of different models differ from each other. Do not chase original spare parts for mobile phones, which are so strongly advertised and offered by sellers. This item as a speaker will work correctly regardless of their origin. This will allow you to save money as the price difference would be significant.
How to change the speaker on <b>phone</b>
Remove the phone case and unfasten the screws that prevent you to get to the old speaker. If there is a plastic rivets, they must gently slice.
Remove the old speaker. This should be done as carefully as possible, Contacts should not be badly affected and damaged.
Gently dust the space. This can be done by using wet wipes or alcohol-saturated cotton pad.
In reverse order, proceed to the installation of a new speaker. Connect the contacts. In some cases, may require additional podpiska. The new speaker should fit tightly, otherwise it will make noises and sound fluctuations. Use double sided tape, which can be a little bit to warm up to the new speaker is fully seated.