You will need
  • - compass;
  • - satellite Navigator;
  • - technical passport for the apartment.
You can contact the Bureau of technical inventory and to make a technical passport for the apartment. There are specified area, number of rooms, their location. Such a passport may be needed for many purposes. But it's pretty expensive, and if it is desired solely to determine sides of the world, to order it is hardly worth it.
Use a compass. Looking at his dial, you will see Russian or Latin letters. North is indicated by either a Russian letter, or a Latin N – nord. You will also see arrow, single or double. Stand in the middle of the room and place the compass horizontally. The simple travel compass, it is necessary to combine the arrowhead with the letters N or S. the compass can be on the handle of the knife, the lighter, the watch strap. It is possible to install only the direction of the North, but in this case this is what is required. The standard tourist compass. you must move the locking device.
Many now have electronic compasses. In this situation, they, like the navigation is less convenient, but still work. Typically, an electronic compass is mounted in the electronic watch. Turn them from time mode to the compass mode, take a few steps around the room and look at the screen. You can use a satellite Navigator. Such compasses determine a person's status relative to the cardinal directions only in motion, so you'll have some time to walk around the apartment in different directions until you find that moving straight North.
If there is no compass, determine the directions by the sun. It is believed that the sun rises and sets due East and West, but in fact this is true only for spring and autumn. In the summer the sun rises in the South-East and sets in the southwest. In winter, the points of sunrise and sunset are respectively in the North-East and North-West. Determine what time of day the sun peeks into your window. Get up to the window face. If the light it gets in the morning, North is to your left, if in the evening something right.
The sun entering your window around noon, then the light can be determined with the help of a pencil. Place it vertically on the windowsill, his shadow. This shadow will point due North.