You will need
  • watch.
The day, from 6 am to 6 PM, use the following method. Position the dial so that the hour hand pointed to the sun.
Divide the angle between the hour hand and one on the dial in half. The bisector of the angle will point to the South, and until the hour of the day (13:00) South to the right of the sun, and after an hour left. Accordingly, a beam, extended from the bisector in the opposite direction, point you to the North.
Please note that to determine the North this method is possible only approximately because in different regions the summer lives in that country, ahead of the waist in different ways: for 1-2 hours - that is, noon does not occur at exactly the hour of the day, and between 13:00-14:00. In addition, residents of some of the CIS countries living in standard time, which is ahead of the waist on the hour, so the sun is at the Zenith, not before 14:00.
Night to determine sides of the world, you need a moon. Pre-try to determine at what time the sun would be in the same direction as the moon at the moment.
Mentally divide the disc of the moon (even if not visible to the whole moon) on six horizontal fractions. Determine how many of the parts can be seen at the moment. That is, if you can see only a thin month, concludes that shows one of the six parts, and if the moon is almost full - you can see five of the six shares.
View time at the moment (rounded to the nearest number of hours e.g. 3am). If the moon arrives, that is, see the right part of the disk, add the visible number of shares, if decreases (visible to the left of) – subtract the same amount.
Mark this number on the dial and proceed similarly as when determining the cardinal points by the sun and the clock. Find the angle between figure 1 and the resulting number and divide it in half, the bisector of the acute angle will point to the South. Accordingly, the opposite side is North.
Try to determine the position of the Northand the moon and the clock around, without any calculations. If the moon is in first quarter (the teeth of the sickle, look to the left) – at 19:00 she will be in the South, therefore the North is in the opposite side. At full moon the moon points to the South in the morning. In the last quarter (tines pointing to the right) it will be located in the South at 7 o'clock in the morning. Turn your back to it and right in front of your eyes will be North.