The easiest way to navigate by compass. The device must be placed on a flat horizontal surface so that the arrow can freely fluctuate. Wait until it stops. Now the blue end of the compass is pointing North, red South. For convenience, define other sides gently rotate the compass so that the blue arrow was showing on the letter N on the scale of the instrument.
On a cloudless night in NorthMr. hemisphere, you can locate the Northand with the help of the Polar star. The North star is the brightest star in the constellation URSA Minor. It is located at the end of the "handle" of the dipper constellation. To find the constellation URSA Minor, the easiest way to find the big dipper the Big dipper and mentally to continue on the right side of the bucket up. You stumble directly into the North star. In the southern hemisphere in the night guided by the southern cross constellation, which points to the North star of her top with some error. To determine more precisely the North, pay attention to the two stars to the left of the southern cross, the North is about halfway between them.
In the forest they can look at the ant hills - it flat side facing South. And the nests are located on the South side of the tree trunk. Rocks, stumps, tree trunks become overgrown with moss, mostly from the Northside.
In the mountains on the southern slopes grow more heat-loving trees than on the Northtion. In our latitudes in the North, which slopes mostly covered fir and spruce, and pines and oaks in the South. Hot summer in conifers in the trunk leaking resin, it stands on the South side of trees.