Go with browser on any mapping site (Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, etc.) or run on a mobile phone any mapping program, such as Mobile GMaps. In all cases, ensure that the Internet access you have bezlimitnyj, and in the case of the telephone - also in the right setting access point (APN). Mapping sites and applications consume a lot of bandwidth. If the nl on the phone you have, use a special version of Yandex.Card without tariffication of traffic, the availability of support on the part of the operator.
If the phone is equipped with an integrated navigation receiver and it is configured properly, bring it to the window and wait a few minutes. If you are using an external receiver, the navigation signal to the window lift it, and the phone place.
If you're using a phone without a built-in GPS receiver, or went to a map site from a computer manually, locate your street and house. Some phone programs also allow you to identify the location of the base station signals.
Look at the map. Above your house there are objects located to the North, below South, left - West, right - East.
View which objects are visible from the Windows of your home. Compare seen the painting you with the location of the same objects on the map. Guided by this information, you can easily determine the light in his apartment.
Ordinary compass in an urban setting better not use, especially at home. Too many around us are massive steel objects, including rebar reinforced concrete walls.
In the organization of the natural lighting of the apartment, remember that in the morning, open the curtains and do not include artificial light after sunrise in the rooms where Windows are facing East, and in the evening before sunset in rooms where Windows are facing to the West.