To understand which side light is possible with a conventional wrist watch. Rotate them in the horizontal plane and watch the dial. The hour hand should be directed towards the Sun. The South is in that direction, where is the line obtained by the bisection of the angle between the hour hand and mark 14 hours. When you find the South stand up to face him. Behind you will be North, left is East, right is West. In the southern latitudes this method can not be used. It works well in the North and bad – in moderate. But in the summer of error can be up to 25°.
How to navigate without <strong>compass</strong>
To navigate by the Sun and no clocks, you just need to know when and where it rises and sets. As you know, in winter the Sun rises South East and sets in the southwest. As for the summer, this time of year the moon rises in the North-East and sets in the Northwest. With spring and autumn is easier in spring and autumn the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. If you take the middle lane, then around 8 am the Sun summer is in the East, about 11 hours in the South - East, about 14 hours in the South, about 17 hours in the South - West, about 20 hours - in the West, about 23 hours in the North - West.
How to navigate without <strong>compass</strong>
You can navigate and night – on the Polar star. It is located near the constellation URSA major. Define the first, where the sky shines the bucket, then mentally draw up the line through the two extreme points. On this line, count to five times the distance equal to the distance between these two stars. At the end of the line will be the North star. It's going to start the handle of the little dipper. If the Polar star to face ahead in the North.
How to navigate without <strong>compass</strong>