You will need
  • computer;
  • program MF626_M02_Upgrade Tool;
  • modem.
Find through a search engine link to download the program MF626_M02_Upgrade Tool. Save the program on the hard disk of your computer. Unzip the archive and launch the application. This utility is run using setup file. It is also worth noting that this software should not be installed on the computer.
Remove SIM card from the modem and connect it to the computer. The operating system will prompt you to install drivers — answer-a refusal. Run for the modem firmware. Click on the button that starts the flashing process. Do not turn off the computer and let the program finish its work, otherwise the result will be unpredictable. Agree with the messages it displays while working.
After the firmware unplug the modem from the computer, insert the SIM card and reconnect the modem. Install the program connect to the Internet from a folder in the downloaded archive, ZTEMODEM. Run the program and enter the settings of the Internet connection of another operator. To learn relevant information can call the service center or on the official website. It should also be noted that in each region the settings are slightly different.
Now you can connect the modem to the network, any other operator and to use the Internet. If you want to use the Internet "Beeline", just run the program connections of the mobile operator. In General we can say that to reflash the modem is not so difficult. However, it should be remembered that the official manufacturer does not guarantee you work with other SIM cards, because you violate the basic principles of the device before flashing think about the possible consequences.