Very disappointing if you bought the phone forces you to use only the services of one operator. To recover your rights and freedom of choice of when there are special programs that are designed for the selection of the unlock code. Free download this program here: or use the services of this website:
Remove the phone in it SIM card and turn it on.
Start typing the following characters:*#06# and write IMEI.
Generate from the IMEI unlock code 3.1 and enter in the online calculator or downloaded from the network program unlock.
Enter on the keyboard mobile phone *983*8284#.
After this enter the unlock code obtained from the program or using the calculator. If your password is longer than you can enter, enter as many characters as possible, and then click OK.
You can then insert a SIM card from any other operator and easy to use the phone. The lock supplied by the company "Beeline" will be completely eliminated.
There is also a "legal" way of waiver of lock. For this you will need to contact the office of the Beeline and write a statement in which you need to specify the IMEI of your phone and your passport data. Write in the application your phone number, and after a while you will receive an activation code by entering which you will be able to work with other networks.
It so happens that the phone is blocked even in the presence of the SIM card by the same company. This is the result of inept attempts to change the connection settings to the Internet or even, for some reason. To turn on the unit it will be possible only after treatment in a service where staff will do a full re-flash the phone. Any people's tricks in this case to unlock the phone will not help.