Unfortunately, the speed of Internet connections in many cases leaves much to be desired. Of course, there is a desire somehow to increase it. To get started, try to connect to another tariff plan.
All operators offer quite a diverse range of tariffs. Select the fastest, if you allow the financial capabilities.
If you require software to increase the speed of Internet access, then it can be done using disable unnecessary processes, services and programs. First, disable all running applications using Internet connection.
Take special note on download managers and the relatively "heavy" programs. A striking example of such utilities are the following programs: uTorrent, Skype, DownloadMaster, Emule, antivirus software (in case if it is quite often updates its virus database).
Disable unnecessary services. To do this, open control panel, go to administrative tools and select Services. Pay special attention to the services responsible for updating software and the operating system. It is better to disable at all.
Low speed Internet connections from USB modems sometimes due to bad signal. To remedy that, use a USB extension cable that will allow you to place the modem in an area with better signal reception.
For those users who use USBmodems exclusively indoors, is the perfect solution. Purchase a Wi-Fi router that supports a USB port. Connect your modem and configure the equipment. Create a wireless access point. Place the router in an area of high signal quality.