You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Click on "My computer" and right-click the mouse on the empty area of the crane. Click the "Properties" tab, used to configure the hardware settings. Start "device Manager" in the window that appears, select your modem "Beeline". Open its properties.
Call the technical support of the provider whose services you are going to use in the future (in this case,"MegaFon", telephone number — 0500) and find out the settings for the USB modem, then just modify their properties, apply and save the changes and create a new network connection with the specified parameters.
If you have not helped the previous option, use an alternative method. Find out the model of your modem and download the correct program firmware. Please note that this procedure should only be performed on a stationary computer using a Windows operating system.
After you download the firmware files please check them for viruses and remove the SIM card from the modem, close the software "Beeline" and insert the modem back into the computer. Then run the firmware program and wait for the update and replace files. If the system asks you for the path to the device driver, specify the folder to which you installed the program "Beeline", the default is the directory ZTE in the Program Files folder.
If the flashing appears an error report, mandatory check if the version of the software for your model. Also, do not attempt to perform this operation on a laptop. If you have not previously performed a firmware upgrade of the devices and not familiar with the basic differences in models of USB-modems, entrust your equipment to workers of service centers.