Use anonymizers. An anonymizer is a special service that allows you to browse blocked addresses on the Internet using a proxy server. Among the advantages of using this method is that there is the possibility of such a configuration, in which the "heavy" elements - the java and flash and also pictures, will be blocked before transmission to your computer. You can do this even if your browser does not support disabling these elements.
In order to increase speed, use the services of specialized proxy servers that reduce the volume of incoming traffic. The mechanism is the same as in the previous case, however, these services, everything else, shrink the volume of traffic in principle, regardless of the content. Share free and paid services, the difference between them is that the free services speed of processing the request is much lower.
If you don't want to bother with the redirects, use a specialized browser Opera mini. In this case, you need to download and install a specialized java emulator which will allow you to run java applications. Install Opera mini web browser, then in settings disable the uploading of pictures and other items that are not related to the text of the page.