Get an USB-modem Beeline in any office of the operator. Along with the modemom will need to sign a contract for the provision of mobile Internet services. This contract is similar to the contract on provision of mobile communication services, and for its conclusion you will need your passport and a sum of money equal to the monthly subscription fees.
After purchasing, insert the modem into the usb port of the computer. Immediately thereafter will begin installation of the software, "sewn" into the internal memory of the modem. In the installation process on your computer preinstallyatsiya driver to your device and also special application to work with SIM card. After the installation of the software, restart the computer, and then run the program with the label "USBmodem Beeline".
After starting the program opens a control window modemom. Before the first access to the Internet, you must activate the initial balance of the modem. To do this, go to the tab "account Management" on the left side of the window, click on the 'Activation starting balance" in the lower right corner of the window click "Activate". Then check your balance. To do this, in the left part of the window, tap the "My balance" and in the same lower right corner of the window click on the "Check balance". Wait for a response from the network and verify that your balance is positive. You can then get online.
Before connecting to the Internet to find out whether your modem is in the coverage area and what type of wireless communication supported in this place. If the led on the modeme burns red – the network signal is not accepted if the green network and supports data transfer standard EDGE. If the led is illuminated in blue color – modem catches the 3G signal. To connect, go to the tab "Connection" and click "Connect". After few seconds modem will connect to the network, accompanied by a sound signal.