You will need
  • Traffic Compressot, Advanced System Care.
The only obvious disadvantage of this USBmodem is that the speed of Internet access in certain areas is very small. Naturally, the bulk of the discontented there is a desire to speed up USB modem.
One of the most simple and affordable ways to increase the speed of the Internet connection using USB-modem "Beeline"is to switch to a different (faster) rate plan. It is usually possible to achieve a twofold increase access speed, increasing the monthly fee by only 150-200 rubles.
But you can try to optimize your laptop or computer so that you can provide the access speed to the Internet, which is declared by the provider.
The fact that together with the operating system runs a huge number of services and programs. There is nothing surprising in the fact that some of them use the Internet connection, while others simply slow down your laptop.
Let's start with the heavy artillery. Download from the website the program Advanced System Care and install it. Run this utility and open the menu "system Diagnosis". Include all possible items, and then click "Scan". Wait until this process is complete. Click the "Repair".
Now alone, close all unnecessary programs that use your Internet connection. Among them there can be all sorts of download managers (uTorrent, Download Master, etc.), various instant messengers such as Skype, icq, mail agent.
To consolidate the effect, use one of the programs that allows you to compress traffic while access to the Internet. As an example, will offer you the following three options: TrafficCompressor, Toonel, CProxy. The last program does not compress the traffic, and caches a page different from the browsers ' algorithm. You can use it in conjunction with the first two.