One of the biggest advantages of modems to be purchased from the mobile operators is their ready adjustment to work with this operator, which significantly simplifies the required user action. However, this advantage turns into a disadvantage if the quality of communication provided by the operator in the desired points, you are not satisfied. It is known that the coverage of different operators is not the same, and near a favorite cozy chair modem one operator can work fine, while the other operates intermittently, and sometimes even can't connect. However, to switch to another network, you will need to purchase another modem that is configured in its network. Of course, the user of this situation may seem somewhat irrational, because both modems can be technically identical and manufactured at the same plant for the same technology.

Fortunately, there is another way besides buying a new modem. You can flash the modem, restoring it to factory firmware, is neutral with respect to any mobile operator.

To flash the modem, you must:

  1. To find and download the archive with the firmware.

  2. Remove from the SIM-card. After connecting the modem to the computer will be asked to install the drivers. Press "Cancel".

  3. To run the setup program the firmware on all questions to answer "OK" to wait for completion of process (10 minutes).

  4. Instead setup the connection provided by your mobile operator, you can also install a neutral software that can communicate with the Internet via any operator. As a rule, the package to download where firmware.

  5. The program to customize Internet access of the corresponding operator. For MTS it is the access point the name and password of mts, Beeline access point name and password beeline.