Advice 1: How to save outlook address book

When Outlook Express has the ability to not only import your business cards and address books from other applications e-mail and to export stored in their Outlook Express addresses, business cards and messages to other programs or files, easy to use without special software. Such action may, for example, if the user will need to reinstall the OS, update it or restore after a fall.
How to save outlook address book
Copy the address book files in the internal format of the program. They are located at C:\WINDOWS\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddressBook the owners of the Windows operating system to version Millenium or at C:\Documents_and_Settings\id_пользователя\LocalSettings\ApplicationData\Identities\{id_пользователя}\Microsoft\Outlook Express operating systems later than this version.
Along with these files at the same time to maintain and of the message whose addresses are to different versions of systems C:\Windows\Application\{userid}\Corporateamerica\Outlook_Express and C:\Documents_and_Settings\id_пользователя\LocalSettings\Application\Identities\{id_пользователя}\Microsoft\Outlook_Express respectively.
To save this data should be to guarantee their safety when carrying out the below procedures. They can be used for database restore contacts and messages — after the operating system is first started, and Outlook Express will be installed at the same locations will be created in the same folder. The copy in the saved database will allow you to use them.
Save address book in the format of a text file with fields separated by commas. For this action you will need to run the command "Address book" in the submenu "Export" of menu "File". The resulting file will be saved in user specified location.
Import the text file into Outlook. To do this, after installing the application, you should run the command "Other Address book" in the submenu "Import" of menu "File".
There is also the possibility of a simple copy of the address book by using the clipboard, "Ctrl+C" — this approach will save all of us and not used by default'.
Be aware that when saving a file, Outlook uses only the address of the default contact.
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The incompatibility of the bases of the new and old versions of Outlook solved the preservation of databases in formats that are supported by all versions of the client — for example, in a text file.

Advice 2 : How to create an address book

Address book Microsoft Outlook is usually called the set of email and contact data created on the basis folders of Outlook contacts. In the selected book may enter the global address lists that you create by using the account Microsoft Exchage Server, and a workbook that contains data Outlook.
How to create an address book
You will need
  • - Microsoft Outlook
Click the "account settings" in the tools menu of the top toolbar of the program window to perform the operation of creating a new Outlook address book.
Click on the tab "Address books" dialog that appears, and click "Create".
Specify the type of the new address book in the opened query window: with Internet directories or an additional address book.
Apply the check box on the "Internet directory Service (LDAP)" and click "Next" to create a new address book using the directory service of the Internet.
Enter a server name in field "server Name" and apply the check mark on "Require logon to the server (if necessary).
Specify the user name and password in the appropriate boxes to confirm their authority, and then click "Other settings".
Enter the name value of the created address book Internet directory in the field "Short name" for displaying the "Address book" dialog box "Address book" and enter the port number provided by your network administrator or Internet service provider under "connection Information".
Click on the "Search" tab and specify the server details in the appropriate fields of the application window.
Click OK to run the command, and confirm your selection by pressing the "Next"button.
Click "Finish" to apply the selected changes.
Apply the check box on the "Additional address books" and click "Next" to perform the operation of creating a new additional address book.
Choose selected to add address book and click "Next" to confirm your selection.
Shut down Outlook and restart to apply your changes.
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