Then start Outlook. Double-click the left button of the mouse on the application icon on the desktop or click "start" and select the desired item in the menu "All programs". After downloading the app, select menu "File" and find the string "Create". When you hover the mouse pointer over this label, you will see the sub-items of action. Clicking on "List mailings" and click on it with the left mouse button. Opens the window create and edit a new mail recipient list.
Enter a name for your list in the Name field. So you can create several different groups of recipients for different tasks and quickly switch between them. For example, "Customers", "Employees", "Friends" and so on.
Click the button labeled "Select members" to add recipients from your address book. Find the needed person in the list and click OK. The window you select the destination will close and the list of newsletters will appear to the recipient, repeat until you make all the right addresses. This method is well suited in the case if you have the Outlook address book is already included the names and e-mail those whom you want to send mail. If this is a new name, you need to use another method of payment recipients.
Click the left mouse button on the inscription "Add". Opens a small window where you will see a field "Short name" and "email Address". Copy and paste the name and address, if you have a letter from that person, or type the new name and address manually. Click OK (it will become active only after entering the email address). The dialog box closes, and the list of recipients will be a new line. Repeat this step as many times as needed to add all subscribers of the mailing.
Click "File" at the top of the window and click "Save". Hit it with the left mouse button, and a few seconds a list of distribution in outlook will be created.