To sync Microsoft Outlook with iPhone, initially you need to import contacts to vcf format. To do this, click start - All programs - Microsoft Office – Microsoft Outlook. Go to the tab "Contacts", which is in the lower left corner of the main window of the application.
Select the contact you want to sync with your iPhone and click "File". Click "Save as" and specify a location to save the file. It is desirable to specify the directory location which you can specify manually. For example, create a temp folder in the root of the local drive C. To do this, open "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:\" and create a folder with the specified name. Repeat the save operation with each contact that you want to add to your recording device.
After importing all the data, start a command prompt. For this you can use the menu "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Command prompt". You can also type cmd in the search bar of the start menu. In the resulting window, enter the query c:\temp and press Enter.
After the operation, enter the following query:

Copy /a *.vcf c:\contacts.vcf

This operation will allow you to create a separate file with all the addresses imported from Outlook. All contacts are now saved in a single document and are in the root directory of the "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:".
Go to your Inbox and create a new draft message, in the attachment to which you attach the file you just created.
Add your Inbox by selecting the settings menu of the iPhone Settings - "Mail, contacts, calendars". In the list that appears select "Add" and specify the settings to access your e-mail address.
After specifying a mailbox on the device, go to Mail and download the attachment you created in the drafts of the letter. After the file is downloaded, you will see the option to add the mentioned contacts. Click "Add all contacts". The operation of data synchronization is completed.