The procedure of synchronizing is performed using additional software. The specific program depends on the phone model. Most manufacturers include such a program in the package, although the Internet apply for free universal version. Some of these programs:
- Alcatel PC Suite for Alcatel phones;
- LG PC Sync - LG;
- Mobile Phone Tools - Motorola;
Nokia PC Suite for Nokia phones;
- Easy Studio for Samsung phones;
- Mobile Phone Manager for Siemens phones;
- Sony Ericsson File Manager for Sony Ericsson phones.
Connect your phone to a desktop computer can be done using a special USB cable or via the Bluetooth network. The first option seems preferable, due to the fact that the speed of information exchange in the case above. At the same time, using a USB cable may require the installation of new drivers needed for the correct operation of the device. Using Bluetooth technology in some cases may be impossible without a special adapter.
Locate the main system menu "start" label synchronization. Please note that in some cases these applications can be displayed with a special icon in the notification area. There is the option to refresh data automatically when you connect your phone to the computer. Run the application.
Adjust the settings of the synchronization program. To transfer address book data you will need to determine which line of your phone's address book will match the name and what the names of the caller and decide whether to complement the phone book data from your phone or change the phone's address book by adding information from the computer. You must also select the desired action in relation to the same records. Confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button, and wait for the data transfer.