You will need
  • - the civil passport;
  • - the passport of technical means;
  • attorney the right of possession of the motorcycle;
  • - certificate of registration of the motorcycle.
Come along with the bike in the registration division of traffic police, in which he puts on record.
Take and complete the application form on the removal of the vehicle from the register.
Contact window the initial submission of documents. Provide the technical means passport, civil passport, the certificate on car registration, a statement with a request to remove the motorcycle from the register. If you owned a motorcycle under power of attorney, provide the attorney about possession.
Wait until your documents will be processed.
Collect a package of the processed documents and the receipt for payment of registration fee.
Pay the state fee in the nearest branch of any Bank. Stamp duty on the removal of the vehicle from the register of the traffic police is 200 rubles.
Go to the observation deck. Complete inspection of your motorcycle traffic police inspector. The inspector will check the engine number and frame with those in the vehicle.
Will receive from the inspector after passing inspection. On the application he must leave a mark on the performed inspection.
Package and remove the license plate, contact the registration window. Wait for their treatment.
Get a vehicle with a mark about removal of a motorcycle with the account and transit numbers, if the motorcycle is not removed from the register by reason of unfitness for further use.