You will need
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - the document of ownership (contract of sale);
  • - receipt of state fee for registration in traffic police;
  • - registration marks;
  • - technical passport.
It is worth mentioning the list of documents required when registering the motorcycle. It is exactly the same as the list, required for registration of the vehicle. So, need the insurance policy, the document of ownership (contract of sale), receipt about payment of state duty for the registration in traffic police, registration signs "Transit", if they were issued, technical certificate and, if the motorcycle is on the registration in traffic police a Trustee, a power of attorney.
There are two main reasons why the owners are deprived of passport theft and loss. In principle other variants are possible, for example, natural disasters – fire or flood. If the document is clearly stolen, for example, together with a purse, do not immediately go to the police for filing of application about the abduction of the registration certificate. There are cases when "noble" thieves throw it somewhere nearby on the street, throw the owner under the door or return for remuneration.
In all other cases, the theft and loss of passport, contact the police where you are asked to write a statement. In return, you will get the information about the excitation (or about refusal in excitation) criminal case with which you can go to the DMV, where registered motorcycle. Besides help in MREO imagine the passport and a copy of its main pages, a certificate of INN assignment and its copy, original and photocopy of the registration card for the motorcycle, insurance policy, receipt of payment of the transport fee for the current year. If you have used the motorcycle on the power of attorney should be submitted together with a notarised copy, where should be your right to get license plates, registration documents and the right to make changes to them. If the motorcycle is purchased on credit, you also need the Bank's permission to document operations.
After the surrender of specified documents, typically on the same day, issued a temporary registration certificate, valid for three months. After a specified period of time again then visit the DMV and submit an application, and then get a permanent duplicate of technical passport of a motorcycle.