You will need
  • - application form for registration of the vehicle;
  • - money.
Read all the documents that came with your scooter when shopping. Find the specifications of your model. If the engine has a volume of less than fifty cubic centimeters, the registration of such vehicle is not required.
If the volume of the engine of your scooter exceeds fifty cubic centimeters, such an apparatus requires the statement on state registration is mandatory.
Remember that the movement of the scooter with an engine capacity of up to fifty cubic centimetres on motorways is strictly forbidden, since such roads impossible to travel at a speed less than forty miles per hour.
In the absence of technical passport on your scooter, you must contact the regional office of the Tax service of the Russian Federation. Write a statement for the procedure of customs clearance of your vehicle and pay the established state fee.
Get a customs Declaration on your scooter. This document apply for the passport technical means. On a certain day you will be given an examination, after which the passport will be made all the main characteristics of your scooter. They are the model of the device, weight, maximum speed and power of the installed engine.
Refer to the passport in the regional office of traffic police and submit an application form for registration. Application form you can get free in your branch or download it from the official website of the traffic police.
Pay the state fee for the registration and turn in all the documents. After a certain period of time will appear together with scooter for inspection of the vehicle traffic police inspector.
Get the title and license plates. The license plate must be installed on the scooter according to the SDA.