The simple solution: go to the accounting Department and learn all there is. Salary is a fixed rate which the employee must pay for the past month, regardless of past working days and hours worked. In accounting you are required to provide payslip, which will detail what kind of salary you get.
If accounting is not going to cooperate, ask to show you the employment contract. It must be specified mandatory for the scope of work and cash allowance, which is paid for it.
Take in accounting the certificate on form W-2. It will reflect all your payments and accruals, bonuses, benefits and other, including, of course, and salary. If you are refused in accounting, please contact the tax office.
The salary often does not equal salary. This is the minimum that you should get. To it are added the coefficients of copayment incentive, a percentage of company revenues and stuff. Once you've got over a month a very small amount, then check with your signed employment contract, the salary. If the user you for some reason are dissatisfied or business organizations are quite bad, most likely you just pay the salary – the minimum wage without any extra charges. In this case, you have no right to complain, as the terms of the employment contract have been met.
Learn all about your salary will help pension Fund. Find out what deductions from your paycheck were doing the accounting, and calculate what was the original amount. This method will help if you assume that the employer declares is not the actual size of your earnings to pay less taxes and deductions.
Thus, the worker has every reason to know how much and for which he is paid. If you think that the employer was unfair for contact to the desired instance and achieve its.