You will need
  • settlement statements for the three months of the employee;
  • - production calendar;
  • calculator;
  • - HR documents employee.
Use the settlement statements for preceding three months of dismissal of the employee. Fold his wages for the period. Enable this amount of salary, bonuses, allowances and other payments that are remuneration for the performance of his official duties, spelled out in the agreement (contract). Do not include in the calculation of the cash issued to an employee as financial assistance or a lump sum.
Now the sum of the number of working days in the last three months of employment of the employee. To do this, use the production calendar. Then calculate the number of days worked in the period.
Find the value of the average daily wage of a specialist. To do this, divide the amount of payments on the actual number of days worked.
Then determine the average number of working days. The actual number of days worked, divide by three.
After that the average daily earnings of an employee, multiply by the average number of days worked in a month. Thus, to get the average wage of an employee. This value will be used for the calculation and accrual of unemployment benefits.
If you need to calculate the average wage for the calculation of sickness benefit or vacation pay, the calculation will be made in the same way. The difference lies in the following. The billing period is twelve calendar months. Payments for performance of duties for the year are summarized. Then calculated the average daily wage by dividing total earnings by the number of calendar days in the year. The obtained value is multiplied by 29.5 days.
When filling out the reference to the employment center please note that the document contains graphs in which you need to specify the number of days of sick leave, vacation, if any.