Employees ' salaries are paid based on hourly rate, daily rate and monthly salary. Cash may be paid based on the amount of generation of the employee.
If you set a wage at an hourly rate you need to multiply the number of hours actually worked in a given payroll period the hourly tariff amount. Premium while not completely exhaust the working month is usually not paid. If your enterprise premium pay when not fully worked month, then the amount of the award is to be divided by the number of hours that were in the billing period and multiply by the actual number of hours worked.
In the payment of wages at the prescribed daily rate, multiply the actual number of days worked on daily tariff rate of remuneration. The award is also considered on the basis of actual days. In this case, the amount of the premium divided into the appropriate number of working days and the amount received multiplied by the days actually worked. The amount of the regional coefficient is calculated on the basis of the counted amount of the actual earnings. With the entire amount of deducted income tax of 13%.
If the employee set the amount of salary per month, you must calculate the daily average sum for one day, on the basis of working days this month. The amount received multiplied by the days actually worked in a given payroll period.
When working from the definition of paid earned amount in this payroll period.