You will need
  • Screwdriver, drill driver, accessories.
Look closely at your serving you faithfully for the wall. What you want to change it ? It is possible to change the configuration of shelves (their height, the distance between them)? Time passed, changed to your needs and preferences. It is quite clear that to use the wall you want a bit differently than before. Maybe you just tired of the old facade? Creak or fall off the door? All this is not a reason to get rid of furniture, which was never cheap.
Pull out of the total number of wardrobe that you want to alter. Open the door. On each of the loops, remove the bolt that connects the very loop placket on the side walls of the Cabinet. Carefully remove the door. If you don't plan to change them, and the mounts are in good condition, leave it as is.
Unscrew the fasteners that hold shelves. Remove the shelves from their established places. In front of you naked wardrobe (only the side walls, bottom and top cover). Time to get creative. Only you can decide where and what will be in the new Cabinet.
Make marks for the mounting of shelves according to your views on the appointment of the Cabinet. The walls of the enclosure, drill the necessary holes based on the type of fittings used. Fasten the shelves in new places. Holes from the old shelves, close the plastic plugs. In stores with furniture fittings they are of any size. Order additional shelves in the salons of furniture to order. For the price it is quite affordable. You can even completely replace the shelf new.
Refit the door and secure. Although, replacing them with new ones, you completely change the appearance as a separate Cabinet, and the walls in General. In fact it will be another new wall. Because the facades is the most visible part of any furniture. Order new facades in the same place where you ordered the shelf. It will be a little more expensive. But you will have a pretty wide selection of material, which directly affects both the appearance of the wall, and the price.
Repeat all the above every wardrobe. If necessary, fasten the cabinets together with furniture ties (from the store of furniture fittings).
Sit on the sofa or in the armchair opposite wall. Enjoying the fruits of your labor, enjoy significant savings of the family budget. Pat yourself on the back and brew a Cup of tea. You are the master!