You will need
  • - spray paint;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • film;
  • liquid for washing dishes;
  • - liquid nails;
  • - moisture resistant hardboard;
  • - ceramic tiles.
Update furnituretion will vasudevacharya furniturewide fronts from the drawers. Just check all the hinges, do they need to be replaced. Unscrew the handles.
Cover a table or other flat surface designed to work with polyethylene. Cover with newspaper and tape nearby objects, if you use paint from the spray gun or from cartridges.
Wipe the fronts with a cloth soaked in alcohol or in liquid dishwashing. Dry the surface.
Zashpaklyuyte deep cracks. Posturite the entire surface with sandpaper.
Spray on the facades of the spray paint. Read the manuals, does this paint primer. You can use enamels, buying them ready-made or order a tinting paint in the store. Enamel is resistant to chipping and scratches, which is very important in the kitchen.
Pick up a new screw or the old knob.
Make kitchen set. If the sides of the boxes are clearly visible and require painting, then cover with newspaper and tape the wall to avoid dirty, and use spray paint.
Dry all painted surfaces. Screw the updated facades in place.
Update countertops with mosaic You can order a new countertop in the firm, which is engaged in the production of furniture, and can make an exclusive work area from those materials that remain in the repair of the apartment.
Saw out of moisture-resistant hardboard sheet of the required size countertop. Align and screw on the kitchen drawers.
Attach the edge. You can buy it ready to make the wooden plinth, or chrome slats.
Make a tile mosaic. Put the tile between two pieces of cardboard on a hard surface. Break it into pieces with a hammer. You can use a mosaic of one or more colors.
Clamp the pieces of tile on the countertop using liquid nails or regular tile adhesive. After complete drying of the mosaics treat the joints with grout. Wipe the entire surface with a cloth before the grout dries.