Most of the wooden furniture, cabinets, beds are very long, but that's when you change the curtains, Wallpaper and even laminate can just start to stand out and not match the overall interior concept. Discard wooden furniture mind, so the easiest way to change the color of its facade. This will allow you to get a new color combination will refresh the old paint and give the room a unique and finished look.
Of course, in some workshops, for a fee, the wizard will change the color of the furniture on any. Only most often it is very costly and many prefer to do this. The easiest way is to buy the adhesive film, which figure will simulate wood grain. Such a film is sold in most hardware stores and has a wide range of colours. The big advantage is that no matter what was the original color of the wooden facade. Using this material, even the dark furniture can be color bleached oak or a pine.
If you want to leave the tree structure unchanged, it is best to use paints. Before painting it is necessary to remove from all furniture fittings, using a special putty for wood structures to fill all chips, holes. When the putty dries, you need to process the entire facade sandpaper.
The most important is the choice of paint, often it depends on the original color of the wooden facade. If headsets or the wardrobe are light colors, they are pretty easy to repaint in any shade. For such purposes, in the store you can buy stain water-based, lacquer, tinted in any shade. To change the color of the furniture will help decorative-protective composition that has a more dense structure. Such impregnation, applied in three layers to the old coating, perfectly change its color.
If the original color of the furniture - walnut, wenge, teak, repainted in lighter colors it is possible only with the help of latex paint. The result is excellent, except that the structure of the tree in this case will not be saved. For wooden facades is better to choose resistant paint, for example, "Tikkurila", "Dufa", "Belinsky library", "DULUX". They are resistant to wet cleaning and even to different detergents.