You will need
  • - the range;
  • - scissors;
  • cloth;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - paint;
  • - roller.
Professional replacement upholstery doing in specialty stores. However, with a small chair or Ottoman you can handle yourself. Fight back the old fabric and remove the soft filler, if it is worn out and wrinkled. Cut out of thick foam parts, corresponding to the shape of the backrest, seat and armrests of a chair or couch. Apply on the surface of the furniture on the perimeter all-purpose adhesive (squeeze his thin dotted line) and attach the foam, not pressing.
While the glue dries, take the cutting out the new upholstery. On the fabric of the right color, draw a square, equal in size to the seat. On each side, add 10-15 cm allowances for seams and the hem. At each of the corners make a cut, reaching to the line, which was designated the perimeter of the seat (the incision should divide the right angle of the square at 45 degrees).
All edges of the fabric fold in 1-1,5 cm and hem. Put the workpiece on the seat so that legs are held in slits at the corners. The free edge of fold under the seat and secure with a stapler.
To make removable covers for furniture, to the corners of the parts, sew tape, which wraps can be tied.
To change the color of wooden parts you can use acrylic paint and for wood impregnation. Old paint from furniture remove, cover the surface with primer and allow to dry for half a day.
For a radical change in appearance, paint the tree with acrylic paint using a roller of suitable width. Use a brush for these purposes is inconvenient, because there will be grooves from the fibers.
To give the wood a fresh, but at the same time, natural shade, cover parts of furniture stain or varnish, these compositions highlight the texture of the material and only slightly adjust his real color.
Iron elements can also decorate. Prepare them for painting by clearing away dirt and abasiri, then apply 2 coats of anticorrosive treatment. When the Foundation dries, paint the metal parts of the furniture waterborne enamel – it will give long-lasting matte coverage that will last several years.