You will need
  • A piece of furniture, a screwdriver, degreaser, wood putty, sandpaper medium and fine grits, heat gun, putty knife, wire brush, primer, paint, roller, brush.
Guide the preparatory work. Free piece of furniture that you are going to repaint. Remove the doors and shelves, remove the fasteners (hinges, hooks). Thoroughly degrease the polished surface with detergent or alcohol. Carefully inspect the furniture for the presence of chips, cracks, scratches. If you find them, be sure to repair. Carefully remove the cracked varnish around the damaged area, fill the chip a carpentry filler. When the composition is completely dry, treat the place with sandpaper fine grit.
There are two ways custom polished furniture. If you have a building dryer can fully remove the paint from the surface. Very carefully heat the paint and scrape it bit by bit with a spatula. So treat every detail. Next, clear the wood from layer of stains, use sandpaper medium grain. With a stiff brush, swipe with the dust left after sanding. Again, degrease the treated surface.
If building dryer at hand was not, you can resort to another method. After the removal of chips and defects with putty, carefully apply polished all of the furniture with sandpaper fine grit. Lacquer finish is ready for painting if it was matte and covered the risk from the sandpaper. Then also get away with a stiff brush from dust. And start decorating previously again Alesgerov surface.
Apply a coat of primer for wood. Prime and sand the inner elements of the drawers, doors and cabinets. Wait until the primer has dried. With the help of emery paper fine grit Polish of the decorated object.
The next step - painting. For this purpose you can use paint, varnish, stain. Regarding colors there are no clear rules, which should cover the polished furniture. There is a cover with a rather sharp smell, but drying. You will need a roller or brush. Carefully paint all parts, making sure to leave no gaps or streaks. Once the paint is completely dry, carefully inspect all surfaces and, if necessary, apply a second coat.