Advice 1: How to do card trick

Card tricks – it's always an entertaining spectacle, attracting to itself the audience of all ages. Watching another focus, a person builds inside the head guesses about how it occurs. Children this is particularly useful – develops thinking and imagination.
How to do card trick
Now we will describe a very effective card trick:
The magician takes a deck of card, the top card flips. This is ACE of hearts. Then he turned back and deposited it on the table. Flips the next card is the ACE of spades. Turn the ACE of spades and lay next to the ACE of hearts. The magician makes magical passes, flips over aces, and we see they are reversed in some magical way.
Training focus is this: take a deck, the ACE of spades from another deck. Have a top deck of 3 aces – 2 peak and between hearts.
Begin the demonstration focus: take out the deck. Spectators declare that they will now be witnesses of a kind of unexplained phenomenon (or something "magical" to your taste) and start. Captured from the deck at the same time the top 2 cards. This technique is called "double lift". Say that pulled the ACE of hearts. Turn over the cards so that the audience does not suspect that their 2. It turns out that we're delaying instead of hearts the ACE of spades.
Again, overturn 2 cards from the top of a "double recovery" and say that it is the ACE of spades. After turning cards face up on top of a magician lies ACE of hearts. He deposited on the table.
The final part of the focus: Putting on the table a second card, ask for the ACE. Turn over the card, and amazed the audience sees that they "magically" changed places.
Useful advice
To focus was more spectacular you can think of any way the false shuffle the cards before showing the trick. Even after removing 2 cards one of them to pull quietly into the sleeve and to give the audience a second to get themselves checked.

Advice 2: How to do card tricks

Magic is always interesting, since during their execution the most ordinary household items are transformed into magical artifacts. With a deck of cards and a few other little things, you will be able to entertain and amaze your friends to dress up even the most boring evening.
How to do card tricks
You will need
  • - a deck of playing cards.
Most card tricks are built on the principle "let me guess your card". That is, someone from the audience thinks of a card from the deck, not calling it the magician and the magician accurately guesses her. Such, for example, the focus by flipping the cards. Select from the deck the following cards: fives, sixes, sevens, and nines of all suits except diamonds. You can still take the cross, the peak of hearts and aces. It is these, because the number of figures on the two cards they do not match, but the aces look different, if the cards turn over. Put them all the same, lots of figures up, and shuffle. Just pretend that the cards choose like random, random. Then invite someone from the audience to pull out one card and remember. Then take it, flip it, and return it to the deck. Again shuffle. Lay out the cards from the deck one by one, and when you notice that one of the cards is not like the rest of us, declare that this is the hidden card.
A very simple trick that requires not so much training, how many free moments when the viewer will fall away or turn away. Lay out all cards into two piles – black and red. Then fold the deck, alternating card color, but they do not fold exactly on the short edge, as it were, a little pushing. Then, very carefully, but not completely, level the deck and put her in her place. Then you offer the viewer to see the focus. Take the deck and turn it with one hand – a feeling that in a deck of only red cards. Turn and turn, on the other – black.
One of the most famous, however, an interesting magic – "Science knows a lot hityk". To run it, shuffle the deck and take the top ten pairs of cards. Put the pair on the table face down and ask the spectator to remember any of them. Then, without shuffling the cards, start to lay out the scheme. In the scheme of four rows, each with the word "science", "can", "Yes", "hityk". Each word is located one under another. Card lay out in this order: first put in place the first letter "h", that is, it will be the first card of the first row; the second – on the second place of the letter "h", that is, the second card of the third row; the next card in place of the first letter "a", etc.
Then ask the spectator to name the rows in which there are pairs of cards. Knowing their position in the ranks, you'll need to define a couple of cards that made the viewer.
The manuals describe the most simple tricks. More complex require to perform long training and exercise manual dexterity.

Advice 3: How to do card tricks

To do card tricks — the desire of any adult or child who looked at the work of a magician on the street or in the circus. First, the tricks seem like magic, but after the disclosure of the secret comes the understanding that the most important sleight of hand!
How to do card tricks

No long training is nothing to try to perform magic. Movement of hands and fingers needs to be quick and agile.

Here are some ways how to do card tricks that you can learn at home and impress their friends.

How to do simple card tricks?

First trick – guess the card the spectator.

Spectator selects a card from the deck, memorizes it and puts it back and the magician after some manipulation of the deck finds it. The secret of focus – in the key map, which is next to the map viewer, its the magician observes the moment when the spectator puts his card facing back in the middle of the beveled deck.

The deck is shuffled or demonstratively given to remove the audience, then the magician looks at the shirt in search of the key cards of the target audience.

The second focus is the emergence of cards from the air.

It requires much more skill than the previous one. The magician first shows the audience the empty hand – short stroke and a map in hand!

The secret of focus in the training of the fingers between the index and middle fingers and between the little finger and ring are clamped to the corners of the lower edges of the cards so that they could not be seen when the palm is straightened.

The palm is shown to the audience so that was not visible sandwiched card.

Then with a quick movement, four fingers bent to the palm, and the thumb secures the card on top. Then the fingers straightened, the card remains in the palm of your hand.

You can do reverse trick – disappearing card, but for this we need to train more.

However, any focus, regardless of the devices require regular and prolonged exercise, bringing the movements to automatism.

Advice 4: How to learn to do card tricks

To show card tricks you must have an excellent memory, confidence in their actions and, of course, practical skills. Being able to easily manipulate the maps, you will be able to impress any viewer and feel like the center of attention. Learn the tricks is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.
How to learn to do card tricks
You will need
  • - the deck of 36 cards;
  • -a deck of 52 cards.
Focus "Four aces"in Advance, prepare the deck. Count off eight cards on top and put under them the four aces. Now ask someone from the audience to name any number from 10 to 19, inclusive, and turn the table as many cards as you say. For example, if you called the number 13, you must pass on the table 13 first cards. Then fold those two digits that form your number (1+3=4), and take those 4 cards back into the deck. The next (fifth) card is put separately without turning. The remaining cards are put on top of the deck. This procedure will repeat three more times so in total you get 4 aside card. When you open your eyes, everyone will see that there were four aces. For greater effect, let the numbers to call different people.
Focus "a wave of the handkerchief"Take the deck of any two cards so that observers have the feeling that you got only one, and place them in a glass. The rest of the cards scatter a small handful aside. Cover the glass with a handkerchief and quietly split, taking the first hand, which saw the audience. Second hand holding the glass, remove the handkerchief along with a map, and then quietly to drop it over the deck. At desire it is possible to demonstrate that the shawl is clean and there are no cards. Do not forget to exercise, before to show someone a trick.
The focus of "Which cards have been taken"Divide a deck of cards into two parts. In one handful of you should have cards, starting with aces and ending with the dozens, and everyone else second. Invite one of the spectators to pull out of a handful of multiple cards and remember them. The other party must do the same with the second bunch. Ask person to put their cards in the second pile and Vice versa. Thus, it appears that a few large cards are in the deck small, and those, in turn, will be the handful of large maps. Let each of the observers will be shuffled and returned to you. Now you can make a thoughtful person and with certainty suit each participant.
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