Advice 1: How to do magic tricks at home

To learn how to do magic tricks at home, if poryskat through the vast expanses of the Internet. In this tutorial you will learn simple and quite showy tricks, learn which house you will have problems. The fact is that to perform them you will need the most common coin, and other materials that can be found without problems. Before showing magic tricks to the General public, to work out at home alone and in front of the mirror. And here is the trick.
How to do magic tricks at home
The trick with the Cup and coin. To perform this trick you need: a coin, a glass, a handkerchief dimensions 50x50 cm the Magician shows the audience a glass filled with water, except where it is nothing else. Is a volunteer from the audience to come and look in the glass. The magician at this time covers the glass with a handkerchief, doing magical passes and he removes the handkerchief. The viewer looks into the glass and sees that there are coin.
How to do magic tricks at home
What is the secret? The coin in advance is attached to the bottom of the glass. When the glass is empty, the coin through the walls is clearly seen. But if the glass is filled with water, the coin cannot be seen through the water, when viewed from the sides of the glass. It is visible only from above.
How to do magic tricks at home
Unusual coin. You'll need a coin and a handkerchief 30x30 cm to perform this trick. Also need an assistant. Magician puts a coin on the table, covers it with a handkerchief and offers viewers take turns to approach and to assure that the coin in place. Then the magician takes the handkerchief with a coin in hand, deft movement throws it into his other hand, and after shows that the handkerchief is empty. After that, he approaches one of the spectators and pulls from his pocket a coin.
Here's the secret: you have a partner, a helper. Partner sits in the middle of the audience, and when they are suitable to verify the presence of the coin under the handkerchief, he comes last and quietly picks up the coin with him. You just have to approach your partner and pull out a coin from his pocket.
How to do magic tricks at home
The trick with a handkerchief and a coin. You will need to focus: a coin, two handkerchief 30x30 cm, elastic band ring. So the magician asks the spectators coin. Him a handful of coins, of which the magician chooses one. From his pocket, and having spread a handkerchief, he puts the coin in the center of the handkerchief. The handkerchief is flipped, the coin remains lying underneath. Fakir pulls out of his pocket the rubber in the form of a ring and puts it on a handkerchief, under the coin of his clenching. Next the viewer is invited to expose his palm. And the magician at this time for the corners to stretch the handkerchief, managing to keep the rubber band with coins jumped. But in the palm of the viewer, nothing fell. Then the magician remains, to pretend that he takes the coin from the Cabinet or from the table.
How to do magic tricks at home
The secret is simple. It consists in the manufacture of fancy shawl. Take two identical scarf, then sew them together. Put a coin vsheyte that does not fall out of a handkerchief. When you do focus, you take the spectator a coin, then flip the handkerchief. A coin in this time falls into your hand. Specially sewn coin remains in the handkerchief. She just elastic-ring and fasten. A coin of the viewer you have to quietly keep fingers throughout the focus and demonstrate in the end.
How to do magic tricks at home

Advice 2 : How to learn to do simple tricks

Magic tricks do for fun to the public for many centuries. To learn how to do magic tricks, you must learn their secrets and a long train. One of the simplest details of the magician is a deck of cards. With them you can perform lots of different illusions.
How to learn to do simple tricks
You will need
  • - a deck of playing cards.
The secrets of many easy magic tricks can be found on the Internet. Study them very carefully and practice. Do this until you fail to execute everything perfect ten out of ten attempts.
Never tell the secret trick to the audience (if it is not the purpose of your speech). Allow them to speculate and to guess the secrets of magic tricks.
One of the easiest tricks is called "Kings and Queens". Select all Queens and kings from the deck (you should get a stack of eight cards). Fold the card so that the sequence of stripes were the same (don't show this to the audience).
Hide the cards behind your back and divide into two parts (four cards). Put them on the table in front of the audience and demonstrate. The top will be the king and Queen of the same suit.
Learning to do that trick with two stripes, you can complicate it by adding jacks and aces. The principle focus will remain the same.
A very simple trick with guessing cards. Show a deck of cards to the audience, convince them that this is the most common card. Invite them to choose one card and remember it. The selected card the spectator should be put on top of the deck. Lay the cards like a fan, face up and show the selected map.
The secret behind this trick is that you need to memorize the map, which lies at the bottom of the deck. When you put half of the deck over the chosen cards, it will be under that which was at the bottom of the deck.
Incredibly effective focus with the appearance of the map. Show the audience the empty hand, and then it will map. The secret of this trick lies in the following. Hold one corner of the card between your index and middle fingers, and the second between the fourth and little fingers.
Straighten your palm and make sure the corners of the map are not visible. Bend all four fingers to yourself. With your thumb press the card on the top and right four fingers. The map will appear in your palm.
This focus needs to train for quite some time, but the result will justify all your efforts. First, do the movement slowly, when they reach automaticity, accelerate. You must succeed.
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