There is one simple trick with a ruler. It is designed for the element of surprise. Do not need long preparations or any introductory words. Just hide the ruler at the right sleeve, up the right side to the audience, pull the left hand, sharply right-hand touch to the left and bend the right arm at the elbow so that the hand moved to the chest. In the left hand ruler.
Card trick. Offer the interlocutor to draw a card from the deck (any brand), please remember, and tell him to put it in the bottom of the deck. Carefully shuffled the cards. Turn them face down and begin one by one to put on the table. This is done until, until we see the map that lay at the bottom of the deck, and over which our interlocutor put his. As soon as we pulled the card, next will be the extended card of the opponent.
The trick with the candle. It will require time and glue. Everything is done just before the guests arrive light a candle, let it burn a little. Under the wick is formed a recess. Extinguish the candle. Pour melted wax, and in its place pour clear glue (this can be purchased at almost any office supply store). When will come the spectators, light a candle, pretend that concentrate energy, and slow movements at a distance make the candle go out. And it really goes out. After the wick burns out, hence the glue gets closer, and eventually he will not allow the wick to burn on.