You will need
  • a deck of cards
Get ready for what to practice tricks you will need a sufficient amount of time and highlight it in your schedule. Only the regular exercise movements will lead to the achievement of the result, and should immediately identify the exact time and duration of the exercise - they have to repeat more than once.
Prepare hands training: mash your fingers, do yourself a massage of the wrists. Blood should be accelerated, and your hands becoming flexible and mobile. Learn the accuracy and precision of the movements, not only on card tricks, but also in everyday life: practice fine motor skills, follow simple exercises - you can start even with those that are offered to kids. Look for every opportunity to give exercise to your fingers.
Proceed to the lessons. Pick up a map at the leading – left or right hand so that the shirt was drawn to the thumb. Fix the part of the card between the index and ring fingers. Bend your arm at the wrist, and then sharply straighten it, the card will fly along its path, doing a spectacular spin. Try to do this exercise first without a map, just bending and straightening sharply brush.
Complicate trick and learn how to produce a rotating map of the whole deck. Take the cards in your dominant hand and slide your thumb the top card closest to the wrist. Finger gently press on the lower edge of the card so that it slightly bent. Sharply send map "in flight".
Start working off the most complex, but very interesting trick reproducing a "boomerang effect". Strictly follow the correct position of the fingers: the map needs to be pinched between the middle finger and thumb, place the index at the end of the top. Let the card not in a plane parallel to the table, but up at an angle of 45 degrees or more. Pay attention not to the force of the throw, should not fly away, but the force of torsion, which is carried out before a throw when you tilt the brush to the wrist. The center of rotation becomes the index finger.