You will need
  • - old skirt;
  • - fabric for lengthening and decoration;
  • - a sewing machine.
Lengthen the skirt by a strip of chiffon in the color of the fabric or mesh. With caution choose a grid. If the tissue is excessively hard, the torque on the tights you are guaranteed. The selected tissue, in this case, sew from the inside to the bottom of the skirt. Work the edge. Can also sew the lengthening strip of fabric to the skirt and the lining. This will give the impression of being out from under a skirt looks different.
Lengthen the skirt by a strip of cloth of a different color. Sew to the hem a strip of fabric of the required width. To make the product complete complete skirt with patch pockets or the belt loops of the same cloth.
Sew to the short skirt frill. Take a break from the same or similar quality fabric frill. Its length should be 1.5-2 lengths of the circumference of a hem, the fabric is laid in small folds.
The skirt of the four wedges are cut on the bias can be lengthened due to the new yoke. This uplift zone. Cut the top of the skirt at a distance of 4 cm from the waist in an equity line. Tailor a new yoke. The height of the new coquette will be more 5-7 cm, than cut. Adorn long skirt with decorative elements (embroidery, applique or belt) in the color of new fabrics.
Lengthen the skirt by changing the model. Uplift zone. Strut side seams and releasing the fabric, put a skirt on the hips. Due to this, the model will become longer.
To the skirts of lax style for lengthening can sew fringe. To do this, sew the fringe to the hem. Decorate the joint with a ribbon or decorative stitching. Try to choose a fringe in tone to the skirt. To complement such model any decorative elements is not desirable. Let the fringe be the soloist in the model.