You will need
  • - compatible fabric;
  • - sewing threads to tone;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - lace tape;
  • needle;
  • - the spokes with fishing line;
  • - a crochet hook;
  • - the thread crochet.
Consider the hem hem of the dress. Sometimes its width is 3-4 inches, and often they are quite enough to outfit the villages perfectly. In this case, you need to carefully unpick the seam machine, or delete the thread, if the edge was processed manually. Smooth the fabric carefully Ratatouille. If wrinkles are smoothed out, soak the material and try again. Pick a thin fabric tonal base material dresses, vykroyte of her strip, whose length corresponds to the width of the skirt of the dress. Put her face in the hem, pristrochite on the sewing machine. Turn so that the tissue slices remained between the layers of the hem and the auxiliary strips. Iron, ensure that the front side was not visible other tissue. Fold the auxiliary strip, lay the line or manually process it a hidden seam. Again iron the hem of the dress.
Use material suitable dress in texture and color. If the product has a straight fit, its hem to lengthen it by sewing to the rectangular piece of fabric. Dress will benefit from this, especially if you manage to successfully combine different types of fabric. The width of the insert can be any, so the mini model can be easily converted to MIDI. That the image was harmonious, can be decorated in a similar way sleeve. In addition to simple direct insertion dress can be lengthened at the expense of the shuttlecock. Item can be cut according to the principle "the sun" or they may be gathered along one edge a strip of cloth. If desired, decorate the dress with several flounces.
Use lace and guipure ribbon with a crochet edge if you need to lengthen the hem of a vintage or romantic dresses. The upper edge of the decorative braid must be placed under the edge of the skirt and to lay the line. Due to the sheer lightweight texture of this lace insert will not burden the image. Very impressive dress that uses elastic in a contrasting color.
Extend knit dress knit by using knitting needles or the hook. It is desirable to use thread of the same density and thickness as used in the creation of the product. Carefully type in the spokes with fishing line loops from the edge of the hem, tie a strip of the desired length. Hide the thread. The number of loops in the additional fragment of the dresses must match the number in the main part. If style and knit products allow, you can create a fishnet pattern on the edge of the hem with a hook.