The girl may think a guy looks at her with loving eyes, but in fact nothing happens. Or she catches at the party admiring male glances, but in the end no one is coming to get to know her. What's the matter? And the fact that women and men psychology. If the female nature is the constancy and the desire for stability, the main feature of men's inconstancy. Therefore, it is difficult to immediately understand what the meaning of guy in a particular view. One thing's for sure: if a guy always draws his attention to the girl – so it interested him. However, much delusion on this matter is not worth it, because looks like the guy can at the same time to throw on many girls and it is still unknown who he'll choose.
Of course there are some common signs, which can determine attitude. For example, raising eyebrows at the sight of a person means interest and sympathy. If the counterpart has caused some antipathy, eyebrows involuntarily down (frown). If the look of the guy concerned glides over the figure of a girl, as if "scanning" it means he's already considering her as a potential sexual partner. Because in order to appreciate the beauty of the female figure, a man missing and a few seconds.
A good sign is to look "stealthy scouts" when a guy looks at the girl briefly, but casually. It may well mean that he appeared to her trivial interest. Look with a squint and a slight smile from the guy can be regarded as a kind of flirtation, a challenge and an invitation to easy communication. It may well be that romance, but in some cases all it is limited to flirting.
Well, if the guy just does not give from the girls eyes, and interpretations no need for these obviously follow the introduction. No wonder they adored object called "beloved", that is the one from which it is impossible to look away.
But still wholly determined by the eyes of the guy, how he felt, impossible. Not yet invented a scale of attitudes, thanks to which it would be possible to distinguish between loving and friendly attitudes, opinion, full of passion, and the look of affection. It remains to expect that the aid will come inherent to most women's intuition.