What it means to gaze into the eyes of

The men explain that when they see a pretty girl, they are always trying to look her straight in the eye. This is a manifestation of interest and sympathy for the opposite sex. But some argue that it is a manifestation of respect for the woman, because if a man paid attention to chest, slender figure, or legs, the girl would have taken him for a boor, which is ruled by animal instincts. However, according to scientists at odds with this point of view. Scientists have proved that four-second look doesn't mean no interest. And the look which lasts for eight or more seconds means the occurrence of sympathy.
But only for the duration of the glance is impossible to determine its value. You should consider all the nuances.

The variations of the interpretation of the look in his eyes

So, for men look - this is an opportunity to say something very important. In this case, men are trying to Express their admiration, admiration and tenderness. In this case, the opinion of the man will be open, the pupils dilated, his whole appearance, he will demonstrate the fun of the attracting object. When the man observes any action by girls, it means that she is precious to him.
And if the man where something wrong, his eyes will run, avoiding contact with the eyes ladies.

Also interested look men the woman in the eye, can be interpreted as an attempt to answer to the question. For example, when a man proposes to his sweetheart in the eyes he tries to see the answer. This is also the case in the question about loyalty, love, reciprocity. In addition, men determine by sight whether to make acquaintance with the girl or not. In the eyes of the beautiful person you can see not only the interest and desire to learn, but also a mockery of appearance or behavior.

In addition, eye contact is a way of seducing the opposite sex. So use eye contact pick-uppers. Pikaper – a great seducer, with a bold, direct, "body" look. This type of men will without the slightest hesitation to consider the body of the girl and drive her crazy.

Remember that in the eyes of man to read his soul, and peeping into the girl soul, the man searches for what he wants and what he needs.