Fluency sight.
If a man looks at you abruptly, trying to turn away or lower his eyes to the floor, it could mean that he's a little shy, embarrassed to be next to you, doesn't know what to say - in a word, he likes you. But a cursory glance can speak not only about this. It is possible that slightly insecure and superficial sight demonstrates the lack of intent men in relation to you. Just had no need to look at you too often and long to hold you own opinion.
Look askance.
Eyes like that can say that man is resistant that he is on you for something to be angry, and you may irritate their behavior or communication. On this view, to try to mitigate the situation by changing the topic, or better to end the conversation, not to provoke a conflict.
Accented look.
Pay attention to where often looking man. If his gaze lingers on your eyes, face, hair, hands, man, surely you like. If he constantly focuses on the legs, chest, then most likely he likes your figure, and not by you.
The pensive look.
If a man is communicating with you continuously stares, and, and, it does it quite frequently, then it indicates that the person thoughts is somewhere else, but not you. Often this can be accompanied by neglect, unreasonable forgetfulness and silly confusion.
Smiling eyes.
When the man at the sight of you beginning to smile, and with it the smile and his eyes, it is quite possible that it is configured to flirt, and chat with you brings him pleasure.
Psychologists say that the pupils of the eyes in humans - the most important indicator of temperament. The wider the pupil, the man is more relaxed in the moment, calm and friendly. If the pupil is narrowed quite often, it means that a man is excited, aggressive, and restless.