Watch his pupils. The expansion or contraction of the pupils can influence how the lighting and the person's mood and even excitement. In bright light the pupils are usually narrowed. Don't confuse this with the frustration of men. The look of hatred or "snakeskin look", characterized by pupillary constriction to the point, usually accompanied by a hard-concealed grimaces of the face, curvature of the lips, redness of the cheeks. If a man is excited, his pupils will dilate.
Watch where he looks. If when meeting a lady a man is interested, he usually looks not on the face, below and through the clothes. First, a man evaluates all exposed parts of a woman's body, and then examines and draws like a mentally closed her clothing outlines: the size of the breast, the waistline, slender legs. Such a body glance speaks volumes about the interest men in further acquaintance.
Watch his eyebrows. Look a little askance at this with raised eyebrows indicates interest and friendliness. This opinion psychologists interpret as courtship. If you looke askance eyebrows kept to the bridge of the nose and even frowning, it means that the man is suspicious of the lady or even configured her as an enemy.
Keen outdoor look characteristic of a man in love who unknowingly tries to read in the expanding pupils female arousal and desire. Sometimes the view in focus is interpreted as the honest intentions of men. However, the sight at close range – not a sign of honesty. Closely able to watch and a real gigolo and Gigolos, and inveterate liars. Their eyes are well-trained, but his manner to control his hands that reach to cover your mouth and nose (this is shifty eyed liar), will instantly be given such a pseudo-lover.
Running, continuously discharged in the direction of look – a sure signal that the man is dishonest or has something to hide. The same is to be indicated by frequent nervous twink. In this companion tries to do something to make it look as little as possible met with the sightof om women. The conversation-or rather, attempted conversation with the man, nervously and shyly outlet opinion, will not bring any positive emotions.
A look through the woman or on top of it doesn't look romantic, in addition to business relations. If a man looks over a companion (in some cases strictly in her face), you should not expect romantic feelings. Most likely, in his head maturing plans for how best to use a new acquaintance in a favorable light.