To dramatically change the color of suede shoes, it is better to contact to the dry cleaners or the house of life (if such still remain in the city). But it often happens that pick up the paint color even there is hard enough. Two colors that don't have problems, it is brown and black.
If you want to paint suede shoes at home, choose the right paint, in consultation not only with sellers, but and Shoe shops. The latter often have to work with shoesYu, they are better versed in the peculiarities of the material and its wear.
Make sure that the store you took it to the paint for suede, and not an ordinary composition, refreshing the original color. Specify whether the shed product after painting tool. Well established German and Italian paint. Usually recommended for painting rules paint is not enough to satisfactory result, therefore it is better to take the paint off the stock.
Do not apply indoors. Compositions for dyeing suede have a fairly pungent odor. Apply suede shoes with gloves on. Before proceeding to the painting (especially if you use a paint-spray), make sure that the floor or furniture on which you are staining, protected. Spread the newspaper or plastic bag.
Prepare the shoes for dyeing. Suede needs to be clean and dry. Treat the surface with a special brush for suede with fleecy bristles or with rubber "teeth". If necessary, use other means for a more thorough cleaning suede.
Apply the color to the shoes very slowly and carefully, progresiva suede. Leaving no streaks, apply a uniform layer of paint, holding the can of spray at the same distance on different sites. One layer for the full painting is not enough. Wait a bit until you fixed the first layer, then apply another. The number of layers, define their own, focusing on the resulting effect.
If you dye the shoeswhere you long from socks appeared shiny places, treat them with a brush dipped in paint. The junction between the shoesand the Welt is also recommended to paint with a brush. Support obtained after staining the color of your suede shoes with protective compounds.