You will need
  • paint spray;
  • brush;
  • -plastic film;
  • -rubber gloves
If you just want to give your boots a more intense color or to eliminate any that appeared in the process of wearing defects, then paint them will not be easy. To do this, you must purchase the appropriate color of your boots, paint and apply it on suede. Remember that the paint should be in the tank in the form of a spray. Just spray it on the boots, carefully painting over the damaged area.
If you want to radically change the color of your suede boots, you will also come to the aid of an ordinary paint for shoes. The easiest way to repaint any of the boots in black. To do this in any Shoe Department or store buy specialized paint spray black. Then proceed directly to the staining. For this cover in the room where you paint, the floor with Newspapers or plastic wrap, put on rubber gloves.

Grab boots and begin to apply the paint. The movement should be smooth and careful on the boots did not appear divorces. Ideal would be if you paint over one lane and give a little bit - about 5 minutes - it dry. And only then apply the second. So you clearly will see them on the Internet and will be able to more smoothly apply the paint. After dyeing, allow the boots to dry and then evaluate the result. If you see a flaw, fix it with paint.
Brown boots would you do if you paint the white suede in the same specialized spray. Paint technology is the same as in the first paragraph.
If you yourself do not trust or are simply afraid to ruin the shoes fact that you do it stains the paint, give case painting professionals. Take your boots in any Shoe repair. And the next day you will get them in a new color or updated the old one. However, this method (repainting) too, unfortunately, does not guarantee a perfect result.
Can try to recolor your boots in special factories for the production of suede. Of course, this service will cost more than in a normal Shoe repair, but the result will be much better.